Different threats

Negligence is at large part to blame for many of the fires caused in and around the UK every year; however negligence is not the only culprit. Fire fatalities have risen to such a height in the last few years that it is now the third most common cause of accidental deaths. Unfortunately, many people think that a fire outbreak is inevitable no matter what precautions they take; statistics however show that when we take all the safety measures required of us our business is 10 times less likely to get caught in an accidental fire.


Fire threat No. 1: Cooking

If your business is food based e.g a restaurant or catering fire safety will begin in the kitchen, as the leading cause of fires many outbreaks occur after something is set on the stove by the cook who then becomes distracted by another job and not before long a fire is at large. The simple solution to this is to ensure your chef is standing by the pan at all times and if there is other work to be tended to that the appropriate amount of employees are available to manage the workload.


Fire threat No. 2: Heating

In the winter months, heating from portable or electric heaters take the lead as the highest cause of fires. Although it is somewhat of a necessity during the icy winter months, there are provisions we can apply that ensure our safety. Give the heaters some space; keep any type of heating far away from objects, furnishings, handbags and jackets hanging off of the back of chairs.


Fire threat No. 3: Electrics

Deteriorating or faulty electrical cords account for a vast number of fires and are the top cause of fire related deaths. Check the cords regularly in your office to ensure they are in good shape, replace them if they are frayed and never overload circuits.


Fire threat No. 4: Candles

The open flames and delicacy of a candle means that anything as a slight tip could result in your business being burnt to a crisp. If your business uses candles on a regular basis e.g a spa or restaurant then an economical and much safer alternative is a battery operated candle. Just like a traditional candle, it looks and performs in very much the same way except without

the risk factor.


So there you have it, a few safety tips from us to you. If you’re looking for a fire alarm installation in your business or would simply wish to enquire further into our fire prevention services, then please call us today on 0161 476 5551.

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