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Ventilation is the key to a  clean, healthy and comfortable environment within your building.

Thermotech Mechanical Services provide ventilation services across a wide range of sectors. The type of building and organisation will determine which ventilation system would be most suitable. Our solutions include both the exchange of air to the outside as well as circulation of air within the building. Factors that we consider in the design of your ventilation systems include the flow rate (which is a function of the fan speed and exhaust vent size) and noise level. There are other things to consider, too, like if ducting for the fans traverse unheated space, the ducting should be insulated as well to prevent condensation.

Ventilation in Commercial Kitchen

Industrial or commercial kitchens within restaurants and hotel bathrooms may require mechanical exhausts to control odours and sometimes humidity. Kitchens have additional problems to deal with such as smoke and grease.

Should I choose mechanical ventilation or natural ventilation?

There’s a big difference between “forced” or mechanical ventilation, and ‘natural’ ventilation. Mechanical ventilation is provided through an air handling unit or by direct injection of air to a space by a fan. A local exhaust fan can enhance infiltration or natural ventilation, thus increasing the ventilation air flow rate. Natural ventilation occurs when the air in a space is changed with outdoor air without the use of mechanical systems, such as a fan or a window. This is an easy ventilation solution – however, if you allow outside air into a cooler below ground space, this can cause problems with humidity and condensation.

Thermotech can advise on both mechanical ventilation and ‘hybrid’ ventilation, which utilises both mechanical and natural ventilation processes. This works by using mechanical and natural components in conjunction with each other, or even separately, at different times of the day.
The natural component mostly relies on decent weather (so not great for many of us here in the UK!) and this may not be adequate on its own to ventilate your space. The mechanical component is then used to increase the overall ventilation rate so that the desired internal conditions are met. Alternatively the mechanical component may be used as a control measure to regulate the natural ventilation process, for example, to restrict the air change rate during periods of high wind speeds.
Why should I ventilate my building?

control temperature

replenish oxygen

remove moisture

remove bad smells

get rid of smoke, heat and dust

remove airborne bacteria

get rid of carbon dioxide

prevent stagnation

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