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Thermotech Air Conditioning Manchester

Thermotech Mechanical Services have an enviable reputation for delivering high quality Air Conditioning and HVAC services.

Thermotech Mechanical Services are air conditioning (ac) contractors based near Manchester. When you have an emergency such as a break down or a leak, or require service or maintenance on your air conditioning or HVAC system, get in touch for a no obligation quote to see how we can help you.
When you think of air conditioning, you might be inclined to think of a cool room on a hot day – but air conditioning is much more than this. If it is working properly – you won’t notice it at all. Thermotech air conditioning solutions help keep you at exactly the right temperature so that youLES BSP LOGO - RGB NEW are completely comfortable.
At Thermotech we use the most innovative technology and ideas to provide you with a customised solution.
Thermotech is an official installer of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems. These units are high quality and cost effective.
They use heat pump technology to provide heating, cooling and hot water where required, and only need a small amount of electricity to harvest, upgrade and move heat or cool air from one location to another.

Thermotech Air Conditioning Mitsubishi installation SAL Thermotech air conditioning installation for SAL Manchester


How does air conditioning work?


Compression – Refrigerant vapour is raised in pressure and therefore temperature.


Condensing – This hot pressurised refrigerant vapour is then passed through a condenser, where it liquefies and gives off useable heat that can be delivered to a building by either air or water.


Expansion – Liquid refrigerant is then allowed to expand, which lowers its pressure.


Evaporation – The low pressure liquid then expands and absorbs naturally occurring heat from the environment (this can be from the air, water or ground) and in doing so changes back to a vapour, which is then passed to the compressor for the cycle to start again.


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