primary school2

Learning in a safe environment.

Thermotech have provided fire protection and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) for a number of educational establishments – schools (including those with special needs facilities), universities and training centres.
These buildings are often large, and have a lot of people moving in and out of them. Some of these people are vulnerable, such as children, people with special needs or those who require carers.

If a fire were to occur, a school without sprinklers can take a year or more to be rebuilt and habitable again. In a building with fire sprinklers, this can be as soon as the same day, with very little or isolated damage only. There have been no fire deaths in the UK in a building fitted with a fully maintained fire sprinkler system.*

We can help those responsible for educational establishments to provide a warm, comfortable environment that is conducive to learning. We can help make sure that the air and water your children and adults use is clean and safe. Our fire protection team are experts at designing and maintaining systems that need retrofitting to an existing building (including very old and even listed buildings!) to ensure you have the most modern fire safety system in place to protect those that matter the most.
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*Statistics gathered by Zurich Insurance plc in 2013.

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