Lindsey Heaney


I started working at Thermotech two years ago. I’m a full time Service Administrator for the Fire Protection team, and it’s my job to process the PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) that we do for our clients.

I’m in the office for 8.30am each morning, and I start with a hot drink and checking my emails. On a Monday morning, all of our engineers come in with their worksheets from the previous week so I add the data to our in-house system as well as updating client systems. It is important that this is entered accurately and in the right place, so that we can monitor the progress of each site and be able to report quickly and efficiently.



Once the worksheets are updated I begin adding new jobs to our system – ones that are coming up so that we can allocate engineers and figure out logistics. No two weeks are the same. After I’ve added new jobs I can look at preparing the invoices for the jobs that we have completed. I track each job from creation to delivery, through to completion. This means I am aware of any issues or delays, and anything that might affect the final invoice.

On Tuesday the flurry of new jobs has normally died down (unless there are a particularly high number that week), so I begin linking up purchase orders and any other details with the live jobs. Sometimes I need to order materials or other items and it’s important that all of this is logged properly.

I also create worksheets for the following week for the engineers. We service and maintain sites all across the UK, and this is split down into areas. We have engineers in each area who take care of our clients in their locale – both for planned maintenance visits and also on a call-out basis to take care of any issues. We’re on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we pride ourselves on quick response times – I think this is down to good planning!

We use the project management software as a CRM and it’s also vitally important that it is kept up to date. If there are any changes, I update them immediately – having accurate data is crucial.


Lindsey having fun at the Thermotech Christmas party 2014
Lindsey having fun at the Thermotech Christmas party 2014

Since I’m so familiar with the jobs that are ongoing, I also answer invoice queries from clients and sometimes I assist or advise the accounts department if there are monies outstanding.

I live nearby so my commute to and from the office isn’t too bad at all. This week is the first week back after the Christmas and New Year break so I’ve been catching up on my emails and bringing the system up to date. Next week I’m spending time training a new colleague on the software that we use. We have launched a pilot of issuing some engineers with small tablets, so that they can access documents online and also fill out reports electronically and send them back to us in real time. My job revolves around my PC and the software packages that we use, we rely quite heavily on technology and I think that Thermotech are always looking to see how we can improve our processes and systems using new or innovative technology.

We are a really close-knit team. The most recent Christmas party was a lot of fun and helped to bring everyone together. The thing I love most about working here is the fact that my boss trusts me to get on with my job – there’s no stress or pressure, I’m free to allocate my own time in terms of the work I do. I get on really well with my colleagues, which makes for a good working atmosphere. We work hard, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.




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