The Training

Last week myself and my colleague Chloe attended the St John’s Ambulance Emergency First Aid at Work course. The course was held in the lovely new offices of St John’s Ambulance in Stockport, and lasted all day.


Our instructor, Moya, was really friendly and patient with us, and answered my (numerous) questions in detail.



The course was very practical and we teamed up to answer questions to test what we had just learned, as well as putting each other in the recovery position, practising bandaging up hands, arms and legs and most importantly, learning how to do CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation).


Back in 1994 I was a St John’s Ambulance cadet and attended frequent classes to learn basic first aid, and I remember wearing an itchy black jumper and attending football matches with senior first aiders. Quite a lot has changed since then (including the uniforms!) and best practice is constantly evolving as medical professionals get a better understanding of how to save lives in those important first few minutes after an accident.


First aid kit

I certainly feel more confident to act if there were an incident at work or anywhere else. Following our training day, Chloe has become our first aid box monitor and has made sure we have everything we need in case of an emergency!





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