Portable fire extinguishers

A survey carried out by the Fire Industry Association, in 2008, to assess the importance of portable fire extinguishers showed that where fires were fought using a portable fire extinguisher 80% were successfully extinguished, and that in 75% of the cases there was no need to call the Fire Rescue Services.

These findings highlight the significant role fire extinguishers play in the preservation of life and property. The safe use of a fire extinguisher to control a fire in its early stages can significantly reduce the risk to other people in the premises, allowing people to not only assist others at risk but also protect the vulnerable.

Portable fire extinguishers are proven to be successful in dealing with small fires and their installation could save your property whilst protecting the ongoing operations within your business.

At Thermotech our fire extinguishers are manufactured to the highest standard and even exceed the requirements of BS EN3:1996, they also carry a guarantee of quality – the seal of the British Standard Kitemark. Not only do we provide and install our fire extinguishers but we also offer fire safety training for you and your employees.

Our specialist engineers are always on hand to ensure your equipment is in full working order and we work to the guidelines of BS5306 Part 3 (2009) so your fire extinguishers are fully serviced and maintained. For more information email our specialist engineers at or give us a call today on 0161 476 5551.

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