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Fire Safety and Your Business

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Portable fire extinguishers A survey carried out by the Fire Industry Association, in 2008, to assess the importance of portable fire extinguishers showed that where fires were fought using a portable fire extinguisher 80% were successfully extinguished, and that in 75% of the cases there was no need to call the Fire Rescue Services. These [...]

Four Simple Ways to Prevent Fire

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Different threats Negligence is at large part to blame for many of the fires caused in and around the UK every year; however negligence is not the only culprit. Fire fatalities have risen to such a height in the last few years that it is now the third most common cause of accidental deaths. Unfortunately, [...]

Your Businesses Welfare, Our Job.

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Fires can strike any where at any time. The number of fires breaking out across the UK are on a rise day by day. Along with installing smoke detectors in your business, you should have a fire extinguisher in the key areas of your premises such as the reception area and on the entry way […]

What Is Active Fire Protection?

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Active fire protection is one of the most important elements to consider and plan for when building any type of modern structure. With furnishings for buildings, factories and commercial areas becoming increasingly more and more sophisticated and high-tech, it is paramount that said surfaces be equipped with systems capable of immediately detecting any potential fire [...]

Choosing the Right Level of Fire Protection

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More than a requirement, fire prevention systems are a necessity in any modern building. Regardless of whether the space in question is meant for commercial, residential or office use, international building regulations require that it be properly equipped against fire hazards, so as to protect both the equipment or furnishings contained within and the lives […]

More support when it is needed

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Here at Thermotech, we take great pride when it comes to supplying a whole range of reliable and effective fire protection systems to our clients, ensuring that their employees, premises and products remain safe at all times. However, our work doesn’t just stop there. We do not just supply and install your fire protection system, […]

Is Your Sprinkler System Up To The Job

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Sprinkler Impact to Your Business As specialists in our field we here at Thermotech Fire Protection are always on hand to assist you, especially when it comes to installing and maintaining your sprinkler system. It goes without saying that sprinkler systems are an important piece of kit for commercial and domestic premises alike. In the […]

Our Latest Fire Sprinkler System Installation

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Latest sprinkler systems As experts in our field, we here at Thermotech supply and install commercial fire sprinkler systems in to a number of different businesses and premises all over the country. Our commercial fire sprinklers will be the first line of defence against a fire in your premises. During the years we have been […]

Fire Sprinkler Repair UK | Thermotech Fire Protection

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The number one reason for call outs for fire sprinkler repair in the UK for Thermotech Fire Protection has to be leaking pipework. We stop leaks quickly, and repair the damage to ensure sprinkler systems are back up to full operational order as quickly as possible. We respond rapidly when you call us (0161 476 […]

Engineer helps out on sprinkler system in Hong Kong

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Our sprinkler engineers are some of the best in the industry - even when they're on holiday they are still in engineering mode! Our sprinkler engineer John Prendergast was away in the Far East recently, and had stopped in Hong Kong to meet up with family. Whilst John was there, the building he was staying [...]