Month: February, 2017

Why we should install your Air Conditioning System

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Our Service Thermotech Solutions is one of the country's leading companies for the supply, installation and maintenance of commercial air conditioning systems and mechanical services. We have been providing tailored air conditioning installations for over 25 years, ranging from the relatively simple to the more intricate HVAC systems. We strive to provide our clients with [...]

How a HVAC system can benefit your business

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Different Benefits A Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) comes with numerous benefits not only for your business but your wallet as well. HVAC technology is designed specifically for creating indoor comfort and is extremely efficient in large industrial buildings with multiple offices or temperature controlled areas.   Installing a HVAC system in your [...]

Your Businesses Welfare, Our Job.

| Fire Protection, Thermotech News

Fires can strike any where at any time. The number of fires breaking out across the UK are on a rise day by day. Along with installing smoke detectors in your business, you should have a fire extinguisher in the key areas of your premises such as the reception area and on the entry way […]