Month: September, 2016

How Air Conditioning Systems Work

| Air Conditioning, Thermotech News
An insight into Air conditioning Air conditioning systems are one of the staples of modern buildings. Be they residential, commercial or meant for professional or academic activity, nearly every large-scale building built over the past three or four decades is equipped with some form of apparatus meant to freshen or warm up its different rooms [...]

Choosing the Right Level of Fire Protection

| Fire Protection, Thermotech News

More than a requirement, fire prevention systems are a necessity in any modern building. Regardless of whether the space in question is meant for commercial, residential or office use, international building regulations require that it be properly equipped against fire hazards, so as to protect both the equipment or furnishings contained within and the lives […]

What Are The Best Types of Fire Sprinklers For Low-Temperature Rooms?

| Thermotech News
Highly sensitive and designed specifically for quick response in case of necessity, fire sprinklers are one of the most important and effective types of protective systems for residential and commercial properties available on the market, and prevent numerous instances of fire-related incidents every year. The situation is no different when it comes to low-temperature areas, [...]