Month: August, 2016

HVAC Systems: What Is Emergency Heat?

| Thermotech News
HVAC systems are perhaps the most popular method of warming or cooling a building, room or surface, as they can fulfil several key functions depending on the weather and time of year, and therefore represent great value for money for buyers. To derive the most use from their HVAC system, however, it is important that [...]

The Two Types of Fire Protection Systems

| Thermotech News
Engineered / Pre-Engineered Fire protection Fire protection systems are an integral part of any modern-day building. Whether it be a private home, an office or a commercial surface, no property owner will brave the risk of a fire breaking out and damaging their assets or hurting their employees, especially at a time when sprinklers and [...]

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Air Conditioning System

| Thermotech News
Different Factors The wide variety of air conditioning systems available in the market nowadays can make it hard for a customer to ascertain which would be most suitable for their concrete situation; as such, it is important that consumers know which factors to consider when attempting to select the most appropriate type of air conditioning [...]

The Two Types of Wet Pipe Sprinklers

| Thermotech News
Fusible Link and Glass Bulb Sprinklers Wet pipe sprinklers are perhaps the most common and widespread type of fire safety system in modern households and buildings, and tend to be among the most sought-after items sold by fire protection equipment providers like Thermotech. Yet not every wet pipe sprinkler is exactly the same as the [...]