Month: June, 2016

Start Summer with Proper Air Conditioning

| Thermotech News
Are you prepared for Summer? We recently welcomed in the first day of summer here in Britain, and things have definitely gotten hotter because of it! If you ask us, it’s the perfect time to turn your mind to the air conditioning in your property. Being able to trust your air conditioning is pretty vital [...]

Come Rain Or Shine

| Air Conditioning

Heating and Cooling Solutions Have you been enjoying the summer so far? With the sun peeking out on more than a few occasions, there’s definitely been a need for effective air conditioning, so make sure you know that Thermotech is always at the ready to provide it. It’s not just air conditioning that we specialise […]

Feeling the Summer Heat?

| Thermotech News
Keeping cool For this week’s blog, we here at Thermotech thought we’d talk a little bit about the weather. It’s definitely been worth talking about – for example, did you catch the booming thunder and lightning over Manchester this week? We’re hoping that’s going to be a one off event, as exciting as it was, [...]

Taking Care of Things

| Thermotech News
Taking care of your precious business Looking for a service that takes care of everything and prevents you ever having to deal with needless complications? It’s certainly the ideal package, but it’s not always what we get when we sign up for any kind of service. Fortunately, here at Thermotech, that’s exactly what we offer [...]