Month: May, 2016

Industrial Insurance

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Industrial Protection Here at Thermotech, we understand that factories, processing plants and manufacturers of all kinds face highly specific challenges in trying to regulate their buildings or property. Heating, ventilation, air control systems and even lighting may be all complicated considerations and may even be subject to strict rules or specifications that further serve to [...]

Safekeeping Schools

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Are your System up to Scratch? Are you responsible for an educational establishment? Can you say that your fire protection is up to scratch, or can you be certain that the systems you have in place are suitably modern? Education centres and establishments such as schools, universities and training centres are places where fire protection [...]

More support when it is needed

| Fire Protection

Here at Thermotech, we take great pride when it comes to supplying a whole range of reliable and effective fire protection systems to our clients, ensuring that their employees, premises and products remain safe at all times. However, our work doesn’t just stop there. We do not just supply and install your fire protection system, […]

Is Your Sprinkler System Up To The Job

| Fire Protection

Sprinkler Impact to Your Business As specialists in our field we here at Thermotech Fire Protection are always on hand to assist you, especially when it comes to installing and maintaining your sprinkler system. It goes without saying that sprinkler systems are an important piece of kit for commercial and domestic premises alike. In the […]

Our Latest Fire Sprinkler System Installation

| Fire Protection

Latest sprinkler systems As experts in our field, we here at Thermotech supply and install commercial fire sprinkler systems in to a number of different businesses and premises all over the country. Our commercial fire sprinklers will be the first line of defence against a fire in your premises. During the years we have been […]