Fire Alarms and Emergency Lighting

Clear exits and effective alarms save lives
Under clauses 13 and 17 of the Fire Safety Order 2005 the responsible person for a building must ensure an adequate fire alarm system has been installed, maintained and is in full working order.

Experienced engineers from Thermotech Fire Protection can install and maintain your fire alarm system to current British Safety standards, ensuring you are operating in line with all current regulation and kept as safe as possible from fire risks.

All new projects start with a Fire Risk Assessment.

We then design, install or repair fire alarm equipment in accordance with BS 5839:1 2013, carefully selecting the appropriate category of system, detection methods and both detection and alarm zones.  A maintenance plan is agreed to suit the system and your specific needs.


fire alarm



Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting Exit Photo

In the event of a power cut, your building can be left in near or total darkness, which is not only disorientating, but can be extremely dangerous in case of fire. Your emergency lighting will operate automatically and should give enough light to enable everyone to see where to exit the building safely, as well as ensuring that fire alarm call points and fire equipment provided along the escape routes can be readily located and used if you need them.  The British Standard BS5266-1:2011 recommends that emergency lighting systems be installed and regularly serviced by competent persons. Thermotech fire engineers have the necessary knowledge, skills and training to undertake emergency lighting installation and servicing procedures.

Emergency lighting plays an important role for people entering your premises who are unaware of the layout during an emergency; it could save someone’s life.

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