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Your workspace – efficient, secure and productive.

At Thermotech we understand that in your place of work – whether that’s an office, a studio, your workshop, contact or support centre – you need a space that is light, has clean air and water, is the perfect temperature, uses energy efficiently, and is safe from the dangers of fire. These are things that are essential for a productive workplace, and we make sure they run noiselessly in the background, keeping you safe and comfortable.
Thermotech install and maintain fire protection and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) across a wide number of clients within the commercial sector.
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  • Distressing news from London this morning. Our thoughts are with the residents of the Grenfell tower block and...
  • One of the FHSO's of our biggest client has taken the time to send us an official compliment on the helpfulness...
  • A terrible night for our home town but the goodness, strength, resilience and - above all - kindness of the...
  • Our thoughts are with those affected by last night's terrible events in Manchester.
  • Busy morning at Thermotech HQ! - 6 emergency callouts all attended within Service Level Agreement. Well done team!👍